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3 Hidden Gems in Hanoi to Discover

Located in the same refurbished building as Hien Van, this café serves a unique blend of Vietnamese coffee with cinnamon. Don’t forget to try the egg coffee, a Hanoi speciality. On the opposite side of the tracks from Zo is this charming café and bar. Their menu includes ginger- infused cocktails and a selection of local craft beers. Around the corner from aN Store, this Hanoi institution features upcycled interiors and a Japanese-led menu, which includes Tadioto’s own line of craft beer: Nhan

Vietnam's Official Tourism Website

Making Sense of Vietnam's Ethnic Diversity

Vietnam is home to a vibrant collage of ethnic groups. There are 54 recognised ethnicities that filter into hundreds of subgroups. Wondering where to start? The best way to understand Vietnam’s ethnic makeup is through hands-on experiences. From mountain homestays to medicinal herbs, encounters with ethnic culture are a highlight of any trip to Vietnam. Here are five easy ways to get to know the Yao, Hmong, Tay, Bahnar, and Khmer ethnic groups. The Yao (often spelt Dao or Dzao) have been in Vie

Unearthing Hanoi's Architecture through Cafes

Hanoi’s architecture mirrors the city’s – and the country’s – checkered history. Chinese influence, French inspiration, subsidy phase austerity and modern practicalities have resulted in a compelling jumble of mismatched dwellings. One compelling way to absorb the capital’s architecture is through its lovingly converted cafes. Here are five you simply can’t miss.

An Inside Guide to Hanoi's Bar Scene

Hanoi is a sleepy capital, but its sprightly bar scene has the spirit to keep you up all night. Savour a fine wine by the lakes, duck into a cool speakeasy, or investigate the city’s craft beers — Hanoi’s bar scene has something for everyone. And if your stomach starts to rumble, enticing street food is never far away. Here are some of the best bars that the city has to offer.

Vietnam's Best Outdoor Activities

Take a walk on the wild side in Vietnam, a country overflowing with outdoor adventures. Go kitesurfing off the rugged coastline, scale mountains for spectacular views, or burrow inside the world’s largest caves -- so much awaits you in Vietnam’s wonderful outdoors. Here’s the “what, where, and how” on seven must-try experiences across the country. Did you know Vietnam is one of the world’s top caving destinations? Phong Nha is a rising adventure tourism destination and is home to the biggest ca

Motorbiking Hoi An to Hue Over Hai Van Pass

Hoi An to Hue is one of Southeast Asia’s most spectacular coastal journeys, and the best way to see it is by motorbike. The windy climb over world-famous Hai Van Pass is a definite highlight, but there’s much more to see. Follow this full-day itinerary — about 150km without detours — to discover striking temples, placid lagoons, and ancient ruins, and finish on the beach in Hue.

The Best Sport and Adventure Holidays in Vietnam

Magnificent mountains. Cavernous caves. Bewitching bays. Vietnam’s mind-boggling geography lends itself to an extraordinary collection of sport and adventure holidays. Swim from island to island, hike a circuit of remote villages, camp within the largest caves on the planet, weave your way on a bike through highlands and coastline. Here are four adventurous holiday ideas for your next trip to Vietnam. It’s easy to think the highlands surrounding Sapa in Lao Cai were created for eye-popping hiki

7 Amazing National Parks in Vietnam

Vietnam’s national parks and nature reserves offer tremendous diversity. The north is rich in staggered rice terraces that shift with the seasons. The centre boasts the world’s largest caves and the country’s loudest waterfalls. And the south is home to mangrove forests and exotic wildlife. Here are the top seven Vietnamese national parks and nature reserves you shouldn’t miss.

Fantastic Coffees and Where to Find Them

Vietnamese coffee is the rocket fuel that keeps the country buzzing. You’ll find cafes on every street in every city, from trendy cafes molded by the creative class, to retro institutions that have evolved over decades, to pavement cafes draped around and across the cities. In each one you’ll be enveloped by nattering locals nursing their favourite brew. Traditional Vietnamese coffee is made from Robusta beans, which have a strong, bitter taste. For decades, resourceful café owners have dreamt

Hanoi Hideaway

Cang Tin 109: Escape the Old Quarter

Hop over the train tracks, skirt around the adjacent lake, and head down a rabbit warren of alleyways to find this hole-in-the-wall Hideaway. It was well-hidden, youth-run and resourcefully-decorated places like this that inspired Hanoi Hideaway in the first place. Căng Tin 109 (Canteen 109) is simple, scruffy, friendly and intimate, with loyal customers and hip serving staff. A fair distance from the Old Quarter means you’re a world away from the chaos: this quiet neighborhood affords a glimps

Xoan: A Diamond in the Rough

A sparkling diamond within the urban rough, Xoan is an exceptional coffee house with a lovely leafy garden. A little out of the way, unless of course for some dreadful reason you need to venture into nearby Royal City, Cafe Xoan is testament to the fact that many of Hanoi’s greatest spots are found in the most unlikely places. Don’t be fooled by the Xoan on the main road – you need to go down the alley to the right to find this golden treasure. Enter through one of two holes in the wall to a se

To Chim Xanh: Bluebird's Nest

Tổ Chim Xanh, Vietnamese for ‘Bluebird’s Nest,’ is every bit as cute as it sounds, with a cozy little library, a corner for live music performances, and a fantastic rooftop terrace. The city’s newest cutsie cafe is tucked down a characteristically faded Hanoian alleyway just a stone’s throw from the old citadel gate. Downstairs is industrial-chic meets Vietnamese fluff, with a raised platform to accommodate a snug reading corner and a little section for intimate evenings of live music. This is

Nhac Xua: Old Music

Appreciating West Lake shouldn’t be too hard- all you need is smooth tunes, tiny chairs, and a plastic plate of sunflower seeds. Nhac Xua proves this unquestionably. You may have already driven past this Hideaway, your attention momentarily drawn towards the warm lighting and crisp music emanating from within, before your senses return sensibly to the road and that oversized SUV hurtling towards you. Next time- stop, even if its just for a few minutes, as this tiny corner of calm is what West L

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Hanoi’s chequered history has created a beautiful mess of contrasting neighbourhoods. There's the labyrinthine Old Quarter; tree-studded French Quarter; lake-filled Tay Ho District; and the glistening modernity of the rapidly developing Westside precincts. Fortunately, accommodation options are spread throughout the city so you can pair your personality with the neighbourhood. From boutique charm squeezed into the Old City, to spacious modern creations from award-winning architects, there’s an