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Going Underground

As the world’s largest and third-largest caves respectively, Hang Son Doong and Hang En loom large on Asia’s adventure tourism circuit. But don’t let them overshadow central Vietnam’s other underground dominions. Here are six other caves worth discovering, all of which you can only visit with a licensed company that provides guides, food, water, safety equipment and headtorches. For multi-day expeditions you’ll stay in outdoor campsites in paradisal surroundings. Some are perched on riverbends

Backstreet Buzz: Seoul's Euljiro Neighborhood

The industrial heart of the South Korean capital during the city’s postwar economic boom in the 1960s, Euljiro Street is home to alleyways packed with thousands of bustling manufacturing workshops. These backstreets now boast hidden bars, cafés and trendy stores that are mostly clustered around the Euljiro 3-ga subway station. Visit now before it’s too late, as the neighborhood’s prime location in central Seoul means sizeable sections will be lost to redevelopment projects in the coming decade.

5 Local Hanoi Brands to Discover on Your Next Trip

Discover the lakeside area of Lang Yen Phu, and you’ll uncover Gian Don, which translates as “simple”. This shop crafts clothes and bags that are affordably priced, ethically crafted and use natural materials. “Beautiful clothes don’t have to cost the planet or break the bank,” founder Dieu Giap says. Items here also take into account Hanoi’s tropical location. The linen clothing, for example, is suited to its sticky summers.
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