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5 Local Hanoi Brands to Discover on Your Next Trip

Discover the lakeside area of Lang Yen Phu, and you’ll uncover Gian Don, which translates as “simple”. This shop crafts clothes and bags that are affordably priced, ethically crafted and use natural materials. “Beautiful clothes don’t have to cost the planet or break the bank,” founder Dieu Giap says. Items here also take into account Hanoi’s tropical location. The linen clothing, for example, is suited to its sticky summers.

3 Hidden Gems in Hanoi to Discover

Located in the same refurbished building as Hien Van, this café serves a unique blend of Vietnamese coffee with cinnamon. Don’t forget to try the egg coffee, a Hanoi speciality. On the opposite side of the tracks from Zo is this charming café and bar. Their menu includes ginger- infused cocktails and a selection of local craft beers. Around the corner from aN Store, this Hanoi institution features upcycled interiors and a Japanese-led menu, which includes Tadioto’s own line of craft beer: Nhan