Top 10 Phong Nha Caves That Will Blow Your Mind

The Phong Nha caves are Vietnam’s top natural highlight and anyone telling you otherwise is lying. Sure, Ninh Binh is pretty, but it doesn’t even compare. Yes, the mountains of Sapa are good, but let’s face it – the photos are better. May as well forget Halong Bay – it’s too crowded anyway. For something authentic, that isn’t just another stop on the cookie-cutter tourists’ route through Vietnam, you need to check out the Phong Nha caves.

Beyond the Highlights: Bangkok

Formidable Bangkok is undeniably a place of contrasts; a city bursting with modernity and yet still steeped in tradition. Speed through the city on the sleek sky train while glancing up at the almost dystopian skyline or peering down at the occasional ramshackle wooden house. Move gently along the river in the shadow of fabulous five star hotels that, despite their enormity, still fail to outshine the gorgeous Thai temples that glisten in the sunlight.